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Our current retreat is based on the Root and Sacral chakra, and it takes place on June 15-17. Message Kyla or Contact Us to book now!


There will be a series, with more retreats being added in the next year to work on other chakras in sequence from Root all the way up to Crown. 


Price includes accommodation, food and drink, yoga, meditation and more. Invite a friend and recieve $50 off your retreat when they book theirs!


Public Classes

Please arrive early, we have mats to lend if you need them. Cash only.


Held every Wednesday, this public class is unique and perfect for all levels. Kyla will take the class in the direction that best serves her students. She will hold loving, accepting space for you as you treat yourself to a well-rounded and therapeutic session. With influences from reflexology, meditation, hatha yoga and sometimes chair yoga, this class is always a joy for students.


Private Classes

Created due to demand, this booking is for 1-10 people that would like to have classes alone or together with friends and/or family, in a more private atmosphere.


Kyla will cater the class to what will be of the most benefit to your group. Through implementing meditation, yoga, reflexology, reflection and more, you can feel confident in knowing that this class will be relaxing, restorative and blissful.


*Please note, a retainer is needed to book private classes. Can be sent via e-transfer or in person with cash. Cancellations take time away from other students that would like to book classes with us, so we do not offer refunds. Thanks for understanding! <3

$65/hour base rate. Add $5 per extra person.

Private Reflexology and Yoga Combo Package

This deeply healing private package includes a full reflexology session by Kyla, who is certified and experienced in this ancient healing practice. It is followed by a 1-1.5 hour, customized yoga class that is aimed to help alleviate any discomforts discovered during reflexology. This may mean mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, and can be a combination of all of them.


For example, if during the reflexology session, it is discovered that you are having difficulty with anxiety, are stuck in a negative belief pattern and have ongoing shoulder tension, then the yoga session will be catered toward helping release and relax those aspects. 


Online Classes

Coming Soon!

We will be offering weekly yoga classes from your laptop. Kyla will lead you through a restorative class in the comfort of your own home! Subscribe to our email list to be in the know for our start date.

$65/month (4 classes)

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