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People often ask me how my classes and healing sessions can benefit their lives. I tell them how yoga, breathwork and awareness has influenced my own lifestyle, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what my satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences at my studio and feel free to come check it out for yourself.

"The whole yoga journey with Kyla has been amazing. Taking your focus and breathing off the yoga mat to other areas of your life i.e. the dentist chair! Now I am able to calm my mind, just focus on the breath through my nostrils, flexibility has improved immensely. The best part is listening to Kyla's voice!!"

Christine H

"Why? Because when Kyla says 'Beautiful practice,' I believe."

Angie D 

"Kyla's classes changed my life. As a sufferer from anxiety, the stress-reduction tools she taught me make my days more relaxed. I thought I knew how to BREATHE before taking her class, but after taking her classes, it became obvious I wasn't even giving myself enough air. How crazy is that!! Who knew that simply learning proper breath work could reshape the way I feel each day. Highly recommend her classes, hopefully it helps you as much as it helped me!"



"Kyla taught me self-love. She was the first person to introduce me to such a radical idea."​

Anonymous Student

"I had done a yoga [at another studio] in the past and did not really enjoy it. Right away, I knew Prana Yoga was for me. The classes have such a lovely flow to them and are so easy. I thought "Am I really doing yoga, is it making a difference?" Then one day in a forward bend, I realized "Oh Wow! My head is touching the floor!!!" I love it and I love how it makes me feel. I am a student for life" 

Cindy C.

"I am a 64-year-old woman.. I started yoga classes with Kyla at the beginning of a very emotionally traumatic time in my life. Kyla taught me to breathe through it, offered support, taught me to relax and accept who I am with no judgement. She is the most talented healer I have ever known. Her extensive repertoire, caring nature and knowledge of breath work and yoga have shown me the path to spiritual growth and acceptance and allowed to heal. Yoga with Kyla, in particular, the breath work, has released much negativity, opened my heart and my world, taught me to relax and I believe contributed enormously to my improved health and contentment. Her influence has been enormous in my life and I know she will be a positive force wherever she goes."


"Kyla brings forth our own strength, our own confidence and our own mind so that we can heal ourselves. She teaches us not to be dependent on her for our healing, that we can heal ourselves. I feel Kyla would do anything to help me." 


Into the Wild with Kyla

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